Available options

We offer different options to publish the event apps. You have the choice between our Eventool app container, wep app or individual app for Android and iOS.


Android / iOS

Event apps in the virtual stores in an individual way. Available with the customized name, logo and image of the event in Google Play and Apple Store. All functionalities included.

The development of this app takes a bit longer because we have to send it to the virtual stores for publication. It can take up to 7 days for Android.

For iOS we need to publish the app in the client's developer account due to the new regulations. We'll provide you with further details.

Publish your event in the Eventool app container. The app is totally native and the attendees of the event just have to download it from the virtual stores (Google Play and Apple Store).

Eventool app

Publish your event in the Eventool app container! It takes only a few minutes, users can access the event right away.

The app is native and the assistants just need to download it from the virtual stores (Google Play and Apple Store) to access the event.

The event can be available in the app list of events or privately through a code chosen and facilitated by the organizers.

The app always remembers the last visited event, even when the user closes the application. He can access the main menu at any time. There he can view the events which are public, search an event using the password or visit the "my favourits" list with his preferred events.

 The web app offers all the benefits of an Eventool app, specially designed to access from any browser.

Web App version

Another solution is the web app, which offers all the advantages of an event app created in Eventool and designed for use with any browser. There is no need to download an app from the virtual stores which is some times inconvenient.

You can access the web version with a link or a QR code. In addition, the user can install a desktop shortcut on his device, which allows him to consult the information in a more comfortable way.