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Send invitations to the event to your guests

Anticipate the event! Allow participants to confirm their attendance by sending invitations by email or sms.

Take control

Gather participant information, manage different guest lists, personalize content and start the message. Achieve your goals quickly by controlling the entire process from a single platform.

Collect data from attendees, manage various guest lists and design content.

Highlight your brand. We provide you with easy-to-use design tools and flexible templates so you can configure every detail.

Create the best content

Showcase your brand every step of the way. Take advantage of easy-to-use design tools and flexible templates to configure every detail.

Facilitate responses

Allow guests to easily confirm their attendance at the event. Customize the landing page where they can give you their response togheter with the information you need.

Allow attendees to easily confirm their participation at the event.

Send an email notification to your attendees with their response.


Send a email to the participant confirming their response. Take the opportunity to remind them of the key information of the event.

Check the results

Follow the activity and check the number of emails opened and responses from participants. Ah, and of course you have the option to send them reminders, whenever you want.

Follow the activity in the admin panel and see how many attendees have seen the invitation as well as their response. You can send reminders whenever you want.

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