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Technology to take your event to the next level

Discover the technolgy for in-person, hybrid and virtual events. Easy to use, with unique features to surprise attendees and create engagement.

All-in-one event management platform. Create apps easily and affordable. Accredit and / or register participants at an event. Promotes participation and networking

Save time and optimise processes with the Eventool software for events

Push the interaction of your event to the next level

Excellent networking with group chats, private meetings and chats and contact exchange.

Trigger the participation of the attendees with social walls, votings, quizs and surveys in real time.

Enhance the visibility of exhibitors with sponsoring and lead generation.

Offer your audience the technology they deserve. Intuitive and capable of keeping participants connected from throughout the entire event.

For all your events

It doesn't matter if your event is small or large, nor the duration, nor the location, if it will be held in-person, hybrid or virtual. What matters is being able to offer your audience the technology for events they deserve. Intuitive, capable of keeping participants connected. With the right team to guarantee the success before, during and after the event.

Flexible, with outstanding customisation options

Whether you plan a hybrid or virtual event, we provide you with the event technology you need to take control and configure every detail. And no, you don't need to know programming or be a design expert. The attendees will remember your event!

Whether you plan a hybrid or virtual event, we provide you with the necessary tools so you can take control and configure every detail.

Manage everything in one single admin panel

Comfort and control is important! Feel the power of our software for events and congresses. Manage the content of your app, website and virtual platform just once. Observe attendee activity and analyse usage statistics to achieve results.

Manage all in one admin panel only once: content of your app, web and virtual event. Check the activity of your attendees and analyse usage statistics.

Transparent prices. Check them out, they are public.

Transparent and incomparable price

We offer one of the most complete and economical technological solutions for events. Take a look at our prices.

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