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All-in-one solution
to conquer your attendees

Create your customized app for your event easily, quickly and at a reasonable price. Manage the entire event through a single platform, save time and encourage participation.

All-in-one event management platform. Create apps easily and affordable. Accredit and / or register participants at an event. Promotes participation and networking

Eventool, the solution you need to digitize your event

The solution that fits your event

Promote networking between participants through chat and meeting planner.

Enhance the participation with walls, votings and surveys in real time.

Offer exhibitors technological solutions to generate leads.

The app for your congress

  • Choose between the different options for the publication of your event, with flexible prices: Eventool app, individual in stores or web app.
  • Customize the design with your brand image.
  • Select the modules you need from the plattform.
  • You can add as many modules and free pages as you wish and organize sections with menus.
  • The content and the configuration of the app can be adapted at any time. All changes are updated in reat time!

Test the platform free of charge

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Virtual events

Multiformat: app and web

All information about your virtual or hybrid event available in web app and native version (iOS and Android).

100% customised

Include the image of your event in the videoconferences and offer options for sponsoring.

Easy to manage and safe

You decide who can access. Protect the access to virtual sessions and guarantee the security.


Easy configuration of virtual options and availability for users


Customise the emails

Design the invitation and confirmation emails using templates and HTML code.

Customise the landing page

Set up the landing page of the invitation with the design and content of the event.

Chose the language

Inform each attendee in a personalised way depending on their language.

Notify attendees by email and / or sms

Notify attendees by email and / or sms

Chose the receivers

Assign invitations manually or automatically by groups of attendees.

Measure results

Control dispatch and responses through the administration panel.


Facilitates the registration of attendees

Insert a register form so that the attendees can inscribe to the event.

Choose the fields of the form

Easily configure the fields that participants must complete. There are many standard options available in the platform.

Option for payment

Registration can be integrated both in the event app and in a web page. With payment processing and statistics.

Check the actual status in the admin panel

The registrations can be looked up and downloaded in the admin panel and new data can be imported.

Access Control accreditations

Customize the entry tickets

Customize the tickets of the attendees. You can send them by e-mail or sms and print them. They are also available in the personal profile of the attendees in the app.

Configure the access

Create the different access points to your event, sessions and/or rooms via the admin panel. Define as well the permissions of the attendees to each access point.

Use the Ev Suite app

You can accredit attendees by scanning the qr code or register them manually in our app for the check in which is available in Google Play and Apple Store.

Supervise the process

Manage all the information through the platform, accredit new attendees and add as many new access points as you need.

Certificates of attendance

Customise the certificates

Design each certificate according to the branding of the event.

Create as many certificates as needed

Very useful to certify attendees who participate throughout the event, a day or a session.

Manage the dispatch by email

Select the receivers of the certificates and send the documents automatically and / or manually by email .

Provide certificates through the app

Each attendee has access to his confirmation of attendance in his personal profile from the moment you chose.

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