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Terms and Conditions


The following general conditions regulate the use of the site (from now onwards "EVENTOOL") that Infobox Solutions, SLU, offers through internet and or additional channels under exclusive ownership (from here onwards, "GENERAL CONDITIONS").

Infobox Solutions, S.L.U., is a trading society with legal address in: Plaza del Renacimiento 9, of. 7, 01004, Vitoria, Alava, España (Spain); with CIF number ESB01396316 and undescribed in the Business Registry of the city of Álava, (volume) Tomo 1236, (book) Libro 0, (page) Folio 104, (sheet) Hoja VI-11302, Inscripción 1ª (from here onwards, "INFOBOX").

The use of EVENTOOL attributes the condition of user and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this GENERAL CONDITIONS (from here onwards the "USER"). Such provisions could be modified by INFOBOX, being the user responsible to check every time he/she wishes to use any of EVENTOOL"s services. To assist USERS and for them to learn about these modifications, at the end of the page the date of the last version will be shown.

The use of the services offered to USERS through EVENTOOL, are ruled by its own particular conditions that, according to the specific case, substitute, complete and/or modify the GENERAL CONDITIONS (from here onwards, "PARTICULAR CONDITIONS"). Therefore, beforehand to the use of said services, the USER must read and accept the corresponding PARTICULAR CONDITIONS.

Moreover, the use of EVENTOOL is under same advice and instructions made available to USERS of INFOBOX.


Through EVENTOOL, INFOBOX allows USERS access and use of the various types of content and services (from here onwards, the "SERVICES").

INFOBOX does not offer any copyrighted information or those under intellectual property rights from third parties as its own.


3.1. Commercial character and use of EVENTOOL.

The SERVICES are subject to contract of accessibility and payment of a price determined in the PARTICULAR CONDITIONS.

3.2. USER Registration

The use of SERVICES will be subject to the USER registration in the system. Said registration will take place in the way expressly indicated in the GENERAL CONDITIONS as well as in the PARTICULAR CONDITIONS that regulates it.

3.3. Veracity of information

All the Information given by the USER through the SERVICES must be true. To that effect, the USER guarantees the authenticity of the information provided as a consequence of the requirement to fill in forms necessary to subscribe to the SERVICES. Likewise, it will be the USER responsibility to constantly maintain and update all the information provided to INFOBOX, so this can respond, at every moment, to the real situation of each USER. In any case, the USER will be the only responsible for inexact of false manifestations made, and for the damages caused to INFOBOX.

3.4. It is mandatory to make appropriate use of the SERVICES

The USER will not publish or take any action in EVENTOOL that would infringe the current legislation applied. Likewise, the USER should not publish, manage and/or transmit information that may result offensive or against moral and public order.

The USER will be able to use the different sections of the EVENTOOL web to publish information appropriate for the kind of information and indications of each section. INFOBOX reserves the right to not publish information that may be deemed inappropriate, or likewise, to use its own judgement to adjust those things accordingly.

The information supplied to the USER from EVENTOOL, will be done in a confidential manner for the exclusive use of the client, who, under no circumstances will be allowed to copy, distribute, execute, reproduce, license, transfer or sell any type of information extracted from the EVENTOOL website, unless previous express written authorization from INFOBOX.


Intellectual and industrial property, commercial brands, graphics, images, logos, information and visible icons on EVENTOOL web, that have not been brought in by the USERS, are exclusive property of INFOBOX.

All content and format are protected by national and international law. The use for profit of any kind, of the content on EVENTOOL web, is totally forbidden, without specific INFOBOX written authorization.

The USER states, under his/her responsibility, to be the owner or have the rights of any files or material he/she publishes on EVENTOOL.


5.1. Warranty exclusion and responsibility limits for the functioning of the SERVICES

5.1.1. Availability and continuity; utility and infallibility

INFOBOX has thoroughly tested the system in order to guarantee the best availability in the provision of service, however, the software may occasionally be interrupted for maintenance, software or hardware error or other reasons of cause majeure.

INFOBOX does not guarantee availability and continuity of the SERVICES. When reasonably possible, INFOBOX will warn in advance of potential interruptions in the functioning of the SERVICES. INFOBOX does not guarantee the utility of SERVICES for any specific activity or its infallibility.

Under the above statement, INFOBOX is exempt of any responsibility for damages or inconveniences of any nature due to the lack of availability or continuity of the SERVICES operations.

5.2. Warranty exclusion and responsibility limits for Content.

5.2.2. Quality, veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness and reality.

INFOBOX makes a lot of effort in order to obtain a high quality of content provision. However, it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of all the information due to: - dependence of information provided by third parties; the huge volume of processed information; the application of automatized informatics processes, subject to hardware and software errors. Under the previous statement, INFOBOX does not guarantee veracity, accuracy; current and comprehensive nature of the content.

INFOBOX will not be held responsible in any case for damages arising as a consequence from the inaccuracy or errors of the information provided.

5.3. Warranty exclusion and responsibility limits for information, content and services hosted outside EVENTOOL.

EVENTOOL may make hyperlinks available to USERS that would allow them to Access third party owned or managed websites (from here onwards, LINKED SITES). The installation of these links, directories and search tools in EVENTOOL have the only purpose of facilitating the search on internet and use of contents, information and services by/for our USERS.

INFOBOX does not, directly or by third parties, offer or commercialise information, contents and services available on the LINKED SITES, therefore, INFOBOX is not held responsible for the availability, continuity and utility; nor for the quality, accuracy and truth in this information, and is exempt of all responsibility for damages caused by this.


INFOBOX could withdraw or discontinue at any time and without previous notice, the purveyance of SERVICES to those USERS that not comply with the established rules in the GENERAL CONDITIONS.


In order to use the SERVICES, USERS must provide in advance, some personal Information (from now onwards, PERSONAL DATA). INFOBOX will use the PERSONAL DATA information in an automatized manner to its end as well as under the following conditions:

Collection and automatized treatment of PERSONAL DATA aims to maintain the contract with INFOBOX, Management, Administration, purveyance, improvement of services that the USER may choose to subscribe to, register for, or use customised services and preferences and choices of USERS, the study of service use by USERS, the design of new services related to said services, the updates of services, the submission be it by traditional or electronic methods, of technical, operational and commercial information, about products and services offered by INFOBOX at present and in the future.

The file in which EVENTOOL keeps its records is registered in the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Agency for Data Protection) with code Number 2062930696

INFOBOX has adopted the required levels of protection for PERSONAL DATA, and seeks to install further measures and other available ways to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorised access or theft of PERSONAL DATA given to INFOBOX.

USERS have the right of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition; as well as the right to be informed of all PERSONAL DATA transfers. The USER, or its legal representative, could exercise these rights by written request to INFOBOX, using certified mail, signature upon arrival postage; in which states the request, accompanied by a legal identification document and or document which accredits the legal representation, to the address listed in the notifications section.

EVENTOOL may use cookies in order to recognise a user and make navigation easier. The USER has the possibility to configure his/her online surfing tools to be notified on the screen about cookies being used and or disallow cookies storage in the hard disk.


All communications and notifications (from here onwards "NOTIFICATIONS") from the CLIENT to INFOBOX will be deemed effective, when they are carried out in one of these ways: (a) By Post to the following address: Infobox Solutions S.L. Plaza del Renacimiento 9, of. 7, 01004, Vitoria, Alava, España; (b) Electronic mail to: All NOTIFICATIONS from INFOBOX to the USER will be deemed effective, to all effects, when they are carried out in one of the following ways: (a) Post; (b) Fax; (c) Electronic mail.


The GENERAL CONDITIONS as well as the PARTICULAR CONDITIONS are ruled in full by Spanish Law.

Before any dispute that may arise, both parts commit to surrender any other charter to which they may belong to, to the discretion and command of the Courts and Tribunals of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava, España/Spain).

DATE of last version: 22 April 2016

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