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Virtual events

Videoconferences for virtual or hybrid events. The solution you need to connect with your attendees.

Virtual sessions

Create video conferences for each activity on the agenda. You decide the date and time of the live broadcast.

Define the role of the participants: Host, speaker or listener.

Your event, 100% professional. Customize the virtual sessions with the image of the congress.

Offer visibility and possibilities for sponsoring for brands through video conference.

Engage the audience during the virtual conference with options for interaction like conversation walls.

Record the activity. It is possible to record sessions and share them with users through the app.

Very user friendly! Videoconferences can be followed from any mobile device or PC. You only need internet connection.

Security comes first. Protect virtual conferences from unauthorized participants.

Meetings 1 to 1

  • Would you like to organize virtual meetings between attendees? Use this feature to promote networking between attendees, organizers, exhibitors and sponsors.
  • For any kind of events: face-to-face, hybrid or virtual.
  • Simple and fast. Organize the meeting agenda of the participants or allow them to decide according to their interest.

Succeed with the following features....

A successful event includes features that promote interaction, generate involvement, shorten distances and connect the audience with the following options.

Organise your event from start to finish with Eventool

Do you want to include video conferences in your virtual event?

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