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Apps for successful events in all markets

The design will be 100% according to your event.

You can use as many features as needed and modify the content whenever needed.

Why choose

Features to succeed with your congress app


Customize the application based on the image and style of the congress. Different publishing options at the best price.


Include all the features you need, change or delete them. Without extra cost.


Configure the sections and update the content whenever you want through the admin panel


Your congress app is available in several languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Galician.


Different sections to encourage the participation of the attendees: walls, questions to speakers, votings, photo gallery, ratings and surveys.


Add the module "attendee" to the app so that attendees can send chat messages and arrange meetings.

Private profiles

Add private information like tickets, travel itineraries, entries or personal agenda to the app.


Attendees can send and receive meeting requests before, during and after the event.

Registration for sessions

Attendees can register for sessions, activities or courses.


Use our check-in option to create accreditations with QR technology for the attendees.

Eventool features

All features offered by the Eventool platform


Log in, design the app according to your needs and actualize the content whenever you want

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Manage the app content through the admin panel
Update the content at any time, even during the event
Create your own pages with personalized content


Add key information of your event or congress

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Add sessions, information, rooms,  scientific communications, places... to your app and manage the content through the admin panel


Promotes interaction among the event attendees

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Collect information about the attendees


Promote the participation and the commitment of the attendees through the app

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Event types

Thanks to the versatility of the Eventool app, the modules and features can be adapted to any type of event.

How does it work ?

Create your app for an event step by step

Define the design and the structure.

You can add the logo, the loading image or the icons of your app.

Choose the colors, formats, names and order of the modules.

You can even customize the icons completely!
Manage and update the information whenever you want.

We'll make it easy for you.

You can import data with excel files, the templates are available in different modules.

We take care of publishing the event according to the chosen option: in the official Eventool app, as web app or as an individual app.

Afterwards you can look up the use statistics and analyze the success obtained.

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