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The event app which connects with your audience

Offer your attendees to participate in the event from wherever they want, no matter where they are. Mobile applications are a strong point of union for connecting the participants of a in-person, hybrid or virtual event.

Why choose Eventool to create your apps for events?

Because you don't have to renounce to anything to be successful with your congress app.


Unique apps for unique events. Create the app with your image and style.


Add, modify or eliminate sections endlessly. No surprise on the final cost.


Update content anytime and check for changes in real time.


The application of your congress is available in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Italian, Portuguese and German.


Different sections to encourage user participation: walls, questions to speakers, votes, questionnaires, ratings and surveys.


Bring your participants together through chat, 1-1 meetings (in person or virtual) or with the lead retrieval function.

Private profiles

Add private information like tickets, travel itineraries, entries or personal agenda to the app.


Attendees can send and receive meeting requests before, during and after the event.

Registration for sessions

Attendees can inscribe for sessions, activities or courses with limited capacity.

Features of the Eventool app for events

Why choose when you can have it all? Discover the features that will make you shine.


Show your identity and personalise every detail of the app for events. Choose from more than 30 sections and make changes whenever you want. Use all the available configuration options to design the application for events and achieve a unique result: logos, backgrounds, corporate colors, fonts, etc. Add or remove sections whenever you need. Changes are updated in the app in real time.

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Manage the app content through the admin panel
Update the content at any time, even during the event
Create your own pages with personalized content


Offer all the important informations in the app of your congress: program, rooms, locations, exhibitors, scientific communications, articles ... Update the content at any time and check the changes in real time.

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Add sessions, information, rooms,  scientific communications, places... to your app and manage the content through the admin panel


Connect participants before, during and after the in person, hybrid or virtual event. Offer them an unforgettable experience.

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Collect information about the attendees


No more monotonous events, focus on interaction! Make sure your attendees visit the app often by using social walls, votes, surveys, quizzes, and more.

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Applications for any type of event

Tell us what you need, we will advise you in a personalized way. Everything you imagined is possible with Eventool. Be a real #eventprof and discover the app that suits you.

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