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The customized website which takes your event to the next level

Promote your brand and capture the attention of attendees with a web site for your event.

Customised image

Unique templates for a incomparable result. With your company logo, of course. Eventool offers you a variety of design options for the web of your event.

Website with corporate logo and colours, numerous options for a customised layout.

Includes different elements to structure the web and make navigation attractive: main menu, registration / login, slider, countdown, freestyle blocks, images, separators, etc.

Modular structure

Contains various features to structure the web site and easy navigation: main menu, login / registration, slider, countdown, free texts, images, separators, etc. Modify content easily and at any time.

Dynamic content

All you want to show on the event website. Changes in content in the admin panel will be automatically reflected in all media: app, web and virtual platform.

General information
List of sessions
Bios of speakers
Exhibitors directory
Featured news
Contact form

Team web design and development.

Designer and development team

Creating a web site for your event is easy when you rely on the right team. Eventool's experienced designers and programmers will guide you throughout the whole process.


Registration form

Add the registration form to the website of your event. You can easily manage all data in one single platform.

Registration forms according to customer needs.

With all the features you need

Own domain

Host the web on your own domain


Configure your web site in different languages

Customised design

Define the layout of your web for a unique result

Registration forms

Add a registration form to your event

Payment options

Offer different payment options and discount vouchers.

Information about the attendees

Gather all the necessary information from each attendee

Email marketing

Send information to your attendees through the platform

Integration with app and virtual event

Manage the content in a single platform

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