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Offer your attendees a unique experience thanks to our app for the check-in.

Accreditations and QR codes

  • Customize the entries of the attendees to the event.
  • You can upload your own template .
  • Send the accreditation by mail or sms or print it and it's also available in the app.
Customize the ticket of the attendees, upload your own template and send the accreditation by e-mail or sms. It is also available in the attendee profile in the app.

Access control

  • Enter the different access points: Main entrance, rooms and sessions.
  • Define as well the authorized attendees for each access point. You can do this manually or automatically, depending on the category of the attendee or on the registration for a certain session.
  • You can register the check-in or check-out of an attendee through the admin panel. A good way to speed up the process and avoid queues at the access points.
Enter access points, define the authorized attendees for each of these checkpoints. You can thus accredit the entrances and exits of the attendees.

App for the Access Control

  • Choose your event and the access points previously defined.
  • Accredite the attendees by scanning their QR code or manual registration.
  • Download the app for the check-in from major virtual stores: Google Play and Apple Store.


  • Manage all information for accreditations through the admin panel.
  • Configure new access points or add new participants .
  • Download an excel file with all the information about the accreditations, check-in and check-out hours, accreditation mode and much more.
Manage the accreditations via the admin panel. Configure the access points and register new attendees. Download an Excel file with all information.

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