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Handle the registration of attendees to the event via the registration form in the app. Control the entire process in one platform.
Customized form
Different types of fields
Manage the data through the admin panel
Creation of accreditations
Sending automatic mails
Import and export of data
Integrated in a website
Payment management and statistics


Everything the Eventool platform offers for the registration.

Standard registration

  • Create forms easily through the admin panel.
  • Choose from the available fields the ones you need and get real-time information about the attendees.
  • You can easily handle registrations, programm notifications and alerts.
  • It's also possible to create accreditations with qr code and send them automatically by mail or sms.
  • Inscribe new attendees at any time by using the import function.
  • And export the data to store all information.
Standard registration

Customized registration

  • We help you to configure the registration form with the fields you wish to include.
  • Free text fields, selectors, with conditions or per type of attendee, amongst others.
  • The forms can be configured in various languages.
  • And you can make changes according to your needs.
  • The data entries are available in the admin panel.
  • Import and export with excel
Customized registration

App and landing page

  • The registration can be integrated in the app and as well in a landing page.
  • We develop a specific web page to include the registration form for the event. It can also be added to the app so that users can also access it from their phone.
  • These forms also allow you to specify the payment option for the event: by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.
  • The users receive confirmation of their registration and payment by e-mail.
  • And the organizers can follow the movements in real time via the admin panel.
Standard registration

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