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Certificates of attendance

Send attendance certificates to event participants quickly and easily. Create as many as you need and customize each one of them.

Configuration of the certificates

  • Design the diplomas or certificates of the attendees according to the image of the event.
  • You can create as many certificates as you want. This option is very useful to certify the attendees who participate during the entire event, only one day or a certain session.
  • The different templates for the certificate can be uploaded in pdf or image format through the administration panel.

Management of the dispatch

  • Configure the recipients of the certificates. You can select all attendees of the event, segment by categories or by those who are registered for a certain speech or workshop.
  • You can send the certificates automatically by email. It is possible to send them to all attendees or manually, one by one.
  • The certificates are also available in the personal profile of each attendee. You decide the date and the hour when the attendees can access their certificate.

Do you want to use the certificates of attendance in Eventool?

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