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Create and send invitations to your event by email and SMS. Customise both design and content.

Design and configuration

  • Configure as many invitations as needed for your event.
  • The invitations can be issued in several languages. Choose between English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Determine the deadline for the confirmation of participation. You can also choose whether participants can change their answer up to a certain moment.
Design and configuration of invitations (describe image)

1 - Email invitation

Personalise the email that attendees will receive with the invitation to the event. You can choose from the available templates or create your own HTML design.

2 - Landing page of the invitation

Design the website of the invitation. Participants can accept or decline the invitation on this page. Among other things, it contains the logo and the name of the event, addressee, description, date, place, links, confirmation of the answer and the deadline for this answer.

3 - Email confirmation

Design the email that attendees will receive once attendance is confirmed. Ready-made templates are available to choose from or you can include a customised HTML document.

Dispatch and tracking

  • Who are you going to send the invitations to? Assign attendees manually or automatically: your entire database or by attendee categories.
  • Control the dispatchs send through the administration panel at any time. In addition, you will be able to see if and when the recipients have seen the invitation and as well as what they have responded and the date of the reply.
  • Send invitation reminders as many times as you want, by email or SMS.

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