Create your event or congress app with all the things you wish in a fast, easy and affordable way.

Useful information

Include key information about your event or congress


Plan the full agenda of activities and sessions. You can list by date, category or interest, and filter by category. You can highlight favourite sessions, score them and add notes.


Introduce the list of speakers with relevant information to their organisation, job title, email, biography, social networks, and more. You can filter by name.


Share scientific communications of your event. You can add papers, documents; list by name, category or area of interest; allowing scoring and notes.


Include aditional documents that can be useful to participants. They could be different sorts, like pdf, images, links, and more.


Publish a list of news related to the event. It is possible to list them by name and filter by category.


It allows event participants to highlight content as favourite. You can do this for the agenda, speakers, exhibitors, communications and places.


It shows participants the location of the event using GPS or network to guide through the venue

Points of interest

It highlights on the map special interest places associated with the event, and associates documents to them. Uses GPS or network to guide participants.


Show your identity, personalise your event or congress app, update its content whenever you want

Unique design

Personalise the design and structure of the app through the different options that the platform offers. Choose the logo, the loading page, the background and colour range


Upload the event information in a fast and easy way through the admin panel. It is possible to upload automatically through an excel file.

Updatable content

Update the event information anytime you want from the manager panel. All the changes are incorporated instantaneously. Immediate results.

Customised pages

Create modules and customised sections according to the event app needs. Organise content as you wish and choose the names you want for the different sections.

Exhibitors / Sponsors

Publish the event speakers list and make the most of your app

Complete information

Shows the relationship of exhibiting or sponsoring companies, including the most relevant information, their logo, contact details and social media links.


Promotes the visibility of exhibiting companies creating specific adverts that users can see trough the app

Sponsor friendly

Potential for increased benefits thanks to the opportunity for collaborating companies to sponsor the app


Enhances event attendant participation through the app


Allow this space for attendees to send questions or comments about different subjects through the app


Generate different vote choices for attendees to actively participate in the event answering to one or more questions in real time.


Produce surveys to get your attendees feedback. Results will be available in the admin panel of the app.


Allows users the possibility of scoring app sections. You can see the results from the admin panel of the app.


Promotes interaction among the event attendees


Easy for users to search the attendees list and promote networking. Password protected to guarantee privacy and data protection.


Offers attendees the possibilit of real time messaging. The application uses its own alert system to notify about newly received messages.

Social networks

Links attendees profiles to social networks like Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flicker or YouTube. Users can include this information directly.

Communication with the organisation

Allows easy communication between organisers, attendees and viceversa.


Sends alerts and notifications to the attendees mobile phones. They will receive these messages even if they do not have the app open.

Contact form

Sets a feedback form through which users can use to make direct comments or suggestions to organisers from the app.

Register form

Allows attendees to register in the event app. Has a simple form for basic registration details.


Measures participation of assistants to the event thanks to the enhanced user statistics.


Analises real figures about the application like participation level, installations, specific visits to different sections, etc.

Other tools

Check out other interesting tools to include in your event app


Configure the app content in the language you need. You can choose the following: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Automatic information uploads

Uploads content through excel files. Within the admin panel, you can download the file, fill in and upload again.

General password

Allows access to password protected areas of the app. Give this password to your guests so only them can make use of the pretected functional sections.

Personal password

Generates a personal password for each guest so they can edit their own personal information that will be shown to the other participants.


Contact with Eventool's team at any time using the contact form.