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All the features you can include in the app, website and virtual event.


Show your identity, personalise your event or congress app and update the content whenever you want

Unique design

Customized apps according to the design of the event. Upload the logo, the loading image and the background and choose the colors and features of your app in the admin panel.


Edit the content of the app in the admin panel. Yo can upload information quickly and easily by using excel templates.

Updatable content

Update the event information whenever you want in the admin panel. The changes will be visible in the app within minutes.

Customised pages

Add, edit or delete sections in the app according to the needs of the event. Various configuration and customization options for the different modules.


Include all the key information and make changes whenever you want

General information

Describe the event, show the place, map, start and end dates. With direct link to the web page.


Shows the event location and the itinerary to the event via GPS or mobile data.


Bietet das komplette Programm an Aktivitäten und man kann bei jeder Sitzung folgende Module einfügen: Referenten, Pinnwände für Kommentare und Fragen, Abstimmungen, Räumlichkeiten, Orte, wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen (Abstracts), Quellen und Aussteller. Sie können den Inhalt nach Kategorien ordnen, um die Suche zu erleichtern. Sessions können bewertet, als Favort gekennzeichnet und mit Notizen versehen werden.


Insert your streaming in the agenda. So the participants can follow every activity live.


List of speakers with their picture, company, position, webpage, phone number, social networks and bio. You can link them with scientific communications and agenda sessions.


Share the scientific abstract of the event. You can add documents, authors, speakers and categories. Users can score them, mark them as favorites and take notes for personal use.


Shows the relationship of exhibiting or sponsoring companies, including the most relevant information, their logo, contact details and social media links.


Publish a list of news related to the event. You can categorize them and add resources.


Share multimedia content with event participants: PDFs, images, audios, videos, links, etc. The content can be catagorised.


Includes the rooms or areas of the event. The can be sorted by name or filtered by category.

Points of interest

It highlights on the map special interest places associated with the event, and associates documents to them. Uses GPS or network to guide participants.


Module with the pictures of the event. Attendees can upload photos through the app. The content can be divided into sections.

Certificates of attendance

Provide certificates of assistance to the participants of the event through the app, or send them by e-mail.

Additional pages

You can insert as many free pages with text and images as you like. Modules for links to external sites can be added and you can organize modules in the app by inserting menus.


Promote the interaction between the attendees of the event.


Add a registration form so attendees can register directly through the app. You can select the fields you need from the list of available fields by default. We can also design your customizes form according to your needs.


Make the access to the event easier for the attendees by using our app for the check-in. You can upload the list with the attendees or add a customized register form. The accreditations with qr code will be generated automatically, you can send them to the attendees by mail or sms. Furthermore, the attendees can also find their accreditation in their profile in the app.


Easy for users to search the attendees list and promote networking. Password protected to guarantee privacy and data protection.

Private information

Add private information for the attendee such as text, images, documents and more. Useful for sharing the event itinerary, a customized agenda, a ticket and any other type of content.


Offers attendees the possibilit of real time messaging. The application uses its own alert system to notify about newly received messages.

Social networks

Links attendees profiles to social networks like Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flicker or YouTube. Users can include this information directly.


Activate this section and allow attendees to send and receive meeting requests before, during and after the event. Determine the number of requests per assistant and the availability. The user must be logged in to use this functionality. He?ll see the pending, confirmed and rejected requests as well as his meeting plan in real time in his personal profile.

Registration for sessions

It allows attendees to register for sessions, activities or workshops on the agenda. Through the admin panel you can choose the sessions to which the attendees can register, the maximum number of registrations and whether they are active or not. Attendees must login to be able to register for sessions and to get information about the availability in real time. Through his personal profile, the user can review his registrations at any time and edit them.

Lead retrieval

Participants can now exchange their contact data by scanning the personal QR codes of other attendees.

Virtual workshops

Create different video conference rooms for a small number of attendees so that they can share audio, video and screen with the rest of the users. Group chat, voting and contact with attendees who are online are additional advantages of the virtual workshops.


Boost the participation and engagement of the attendees with the app for congresses.


Generate different vote choices for attendees to actively participate in the event answering to one or more questions in real time.

Questions to the speaker

Section in which the attendees can send questions to the speakers, with the possibility to address the question to one speaker in particular. These publications can be moderated and projected in full-screen mode. They can also be linked to sessions.

Social walls

Attendees can post photos and comments, reply to other messages and add "Likes". The perfect tool to promote participation. The wall can also be moderated and projected in full-screen mode.


Produce surveys to get your attendees feedback. Results will be available in the admin panel of the app.


Allows users the possibility of scoring app sections. You can see the results from the admin panel of the app.


It allows event participants to highlight content as favourite. You can do this for the agenda, speakers, exhibitors, communications and places.


Sends alerts and notifications to the attendees mobile phones. They will receive these messages even if they do not have the app open.

Contact form

Sets a feedback form through which users can use to make direct comments or suggestions to organisers from the app.


Motivate your attendees with a little bit of fun. Eventool helps you to develop gamification activities adapted to your event.


Improve the visibility of the exhibitors and the benefits from sponsorship.

Rotating banner for sponsors

If you want to highlight companies participating in the event, you can add a rotating banner with logos. It is displayed on the main menu of the app with direct access to the information of each company.


Promotes the visibility of exhibiting companies creating specific adverts that users can see trough the app

Sponsor friendly

Potential for increased benefits thanks to the opportunity for collaborating companies to sponsor the app

Scan QR codes

Activate QR codes at the exhibitor's stands. Your attendees can earn points by scanning these QR codes. A ranking will show the winners. Attendees can actively participate and you help the exhibitors to generate leads.

Sales meetings

Attendees can contact directly with the sales reps of each company and start conversations in person or by videoconference.


Analyse the use of the tool once the meeting is over


Analyse the use f the app and the virtual event like for example the participation level, installations, use of different sections etc.


Generate and send usage statistics through the platform.

Additional features

Discover more interesting tools which can be added to the technological solution of your event


Choose the languages you need: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician.

Automatic information uploads

Uploads content through excel files. Within the admin panel, you can download the file, complete it and upload it again.

Controlled access to the sections

You can always modify the access to sections in your app. Configure customized passwords and create sections for groups of attendees.


Integration of external systems

Own domain

We can set up the website of your event and / or the virtual platform with your domain for better visibility of your brand.

Payment processing

Create a customised registration form and include payment options through virtual POS, bank transfer, PayPal and more.

Discount coupons

Offer different discount vouchers so attendees can use them when paying their entry for the event.

Offline use

The content of the app can also be accessed without an internet connection. However, you must be connected to the Internet beforehand so that this content can be loaded.

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