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Transparent prices

You choose whether to use Eventool to organize your event from A to Z, or for a part only. Discover our incomparable prices.

Virtual events

Create a revolutionary digital experience. A virtual event is much more than a simple streaming broadcast. It is also bringing participants together around a platform, to help them connect and build lasting relationships, promote interaction and access dynamic content.

More information on virtual events
Basic Standard Advanced
500 € 700 € 900 €
Validity period 1 month 3 months 1 year
Hosting 50mb 100mb 200mb
Number of users Until 100 Until 200 Until 1000
Customised image
Admin Panel
Statistics of use
General information
Agenda and speakers
Rooms and places
Resources (documents, gallery, multimedia etc)
Alerts and push notifications
Social networks
Registration / Login
Favorites and notes
Walls and questions to speakers
Votings / Quizzes
Live streaming room
Unlimited number of live streaming rooms
With web app
Connected in real time
1 - 1 meetings
Virtual workshops
Support by email
Telefon support

Web for events

Promot your event and your brand and inform the participants before, during and after your event.

Expand information about event web sites
500 €

Customized image: our unique templates and design options to create your incomparable web site

Modular structure with different elements to make surfing attractive.

Dynamic content: highlight the info that interests you the most, such as the agenda, bios of the speakers and sponsors of the event.

Apps for events

Creating the application of your event has never been so easy. We provide you with the right tools to take control and configure all the details.

More information about event apps
From 600 €



Event application available on any device and web browser. Users access the app through a link and / or QR code.

From 400 €

Eventool app


App published in the Eventool app. Users download the Eventool app from the App Store or Google Play and then access their event.

From 950 €

Individual brand


Event app that is published individually in the virtual stores (name and icon). Users search for the name of the event in the App Store and Google Play and then download the app.


Plan the event, manage the guest list, and let guests confirm their attendance by email or sms. Forget the old way of managing invitations, instead use a simple tool to control the entire process.

More information on invitations
Configuration* 100 €
Pack for 50 attendees 15 € / pack

* Support included. Price according to the number of attendees in packs of 50.

100 attendees 130 €
200 attendees 160 €
500 attendees 250 €
1000 attendees 400 €


Configure the perfect registration form to gather all the information you need from the attendees. Available in your event's app and web site.

More information about the registration form


No extra cost

Feature included in all packages of the app and the virtual event.

Available fields

Name, e-mail, biography, place, organisation, position, phone number, website, social networks and language.

Safe registration forms

With the possibility to include a password for the inscription.

Data protection

The attendees decide wheather their data will be visible for other attendees in the app or not.

Customized *

In addition to the field included by default in the registration form, we also develop customised registration forms according to the requirements of the event.
Including payment processing and unlimited discount vouchers.

*Request a quote according to your needs

Badges and check-in

No improvising! Control the arrival of participants to the event with the best QR technology. Manage the different access points to rooms and sessions.

More information on Access Control
Configuration* 100 €
Pack for 50 attendees 20 € / pack

* Support included. Price according to the number of attendees in packs of 50.

100 attendees 140 €
200 attendees 180 €
500 attendees 300 €
1000 attendees 500 €

Certificates of attendance

Provide the attendees of your event with a personalized certificate of attendance send by email or sms and available in the personal profile in the app.

More information on certificates of attendance
Configuration* 100 €
Pack for 50 attendees 10 € / pack

* Support included. Price according to the number of attendees in packs of 50.

100 attendees 120 €
200 attendees 140 €
500 attendees 200 €
1000 attendees 300 €


Do you want a tailor-made event? Need more storage space? Add the additional services you want, whenever you want.

  • Content management

    This service includes the loading of the app content done by the Eventool team.

    * Consult

    500 €/Total

  • Management developer accounts

    We'll inform you how to apply for developer accounts on Google Play and App Store. If you need additional technical support, we will be happy to provide you with details and pricing.

  • Extra storage

    Extra storage space for little money.

    50 €

    100 €

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