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Hear More 2018 - EMEA

Apps for events

The GN group is a global leader in intelligent audio solutions. GN Hearing Brazil already used the Eventool app for one of their events in 2018 and we had now again the pleasure to develop a further app for the company, this time for their headquarters in Denmark. Their event Hear More 2018 took place in Vienna early November 2018. Interaction played an important role in this app and the attendees participated very actively in the votes, surveys and walls. 

The customer included the following modules in his app which was published in our Eventool app container:

  • About: General information about the event.
  • Schedule: The full agenda of activities and sessions with zones and rating. 
  • Speakers. List of speakers with relevant information about their organization, job title, bio and photo. The module is linked to the correspondent sessions and the participants could rate each speaker.
  • Ask questions: GN Hearing connected each wall to a session allowing the attendee to send his questions to the organizers.
  • Vote:  A very popular module which improves the participation of the attendees and helps the event organizers to understand the opinions of their participants. The results of the votes can be projected to an external screen. This function is also available for walls.
  • Your feedback. The customer used this module to get the feedback from the attendees about the different aspects of the event and in order to get some suggestions for improvements.
  • Event location: location of the event with address, Google Map and directions
  • Notifications. Push alerts and notifications. Allows the organizer to inform the attendees about upcoming sessions, general info or to send reminders.
  • My favorites: Favorites chosen by the attendee and his notes
  • City tour sign-up. GN Hearing used the contact module to give attendees the possibility to sign-up for a city tour. 
  • About the app. Contains app guide, login, settings, update of app content and more.

If you are interested in using an app for your next event then please contact us or create a free-of-charge demo through our web page.

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