Check-list to organizing a top event

Check-list to organizing a top event

When organizing a top event, you must keep in mind many factors. Every organizer wants their event to be perfect. Getting to the attendees deepest emotions is not easy. But if you do, they will never forget the event.

Ideas to help you plan a top event

In this post we’ll go through a check-list of factors you need to pay attention to. Even if some of these sound obvious, they all deserve to be mentioned. Excellent planning always guarantees success.

Check your calendar Preferably the event will not coincide with another or with specific dates of general interest. Not all the attendees may be able to attend the meeting due to a variety of reasons.

Choose the right venue Knowing the number of people who will attend the event is key to guarantee great comfort. If you choose an inadequate venue, you may give the impression of poor management. If the venue is very spacious, it may look like the event has little affluence. And if it is a very small space, it could be overwhelming.

On guests Identify your attendees from minute one. Get to know each of them, their profile and their interests. Only then can you create a top event according to what they need and expect.

Food and drinks Do not accept the first quote you receive. Get information from different providers. Also, you should watch the current catering trends and keep attendees’ preferences into account. A traditional menu is not good enough any more. Open up to other types of cuisine.

Teamwork Surround yourself with the best professionals and a multidisciplinary team. This way, you will get support in all areas.

Keep in mind…

Plan an organization chart Establish a strategy and assign the different roles. It is essential to record who does what and when. Before, during and after the event, every member of the team must have their assigned tasks.

Speakers selection Choosing the right event speakers is fundamental. Choose those that may be of interest to attendees and also bring notoriety to the convention. Check their availability in advance and close the agenda as soon as possible to avoid surprises.

Look for sponsorship Create a list of possible companies interested in participating in the event and contact them to reach sponsorship agreements. This will help you get extra budget in exchange for visibility.

Check-in management Choose the right price according to event type, then report where and when the tickets will be placed for sale.

Once the idea has taken shape and the project is on the go, it’s time to think about other relevant aspects. In this respect, a web page can be ideal to publish information about the event. As the date comes closer, and with the event nearly all in place, you can start thinking of additional solutions, such as apps for events.

Get a mobile application for your attendees to offer updated information at all times. With it you can promote networking, interaction, participation to voting sessions, forums and questions to speakers.

Also, make sure that the venue has a Wi-Fi connection and that all the equipment works properly. Don’t forget to carry out tests and checks.



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