Coronavirus vs. events: 100% digital events as a solution

We are in the middle of a global health crisis. The pace of the economy has been affected by the corona virus and is affecting the events sector.

How can we deal with this situation if we have planned congresses, meetings or incentive trips? If you are wondering what you can do to avoid canceling your event, Eventool may be the answer.

It is possible to offer the app online via the platform! Keep in touch with participants and encourage interaction by using discussions and voting. There are many modules available in Eventool that you can use to promote exchange between participants, even from home and anywhere in the world. Are you ready for a 100% digital event?

Social walls. Create forums on various topics so that participants can post their questions, photos, comments and answers. Users can give “Likes” for responses from other participants. Social walls  can also be moderated by the organizer.

Questions for the speakers. Allows participants to ask questions to the speakers during the event. If you’ve scheduled video sessions, streaming, or live broadcasts, this section offers the possibility to address questions to a speaker. You decide which message should be publish. It is possible to link this option to a specific session.

Chat. Offers participants the opportunity to communicate with each other. The app uses the phone’s system to notify you of new messages.

Votes. Create different votes so that users can actively participate in the event and answer one or more questions in real time. The results are immediately available.

Questionnaires. Use gamification for your event and improve interaction. Indicate which answers are correct or incorrect and create a ranking to challenge the participants. The results are displayed in graphs so you can see their development in real time! A great way to get your attendees involved.

Survey. Use surveys to find out what participants think. The results will be available in the administration area of ​​the app.

External links. Would you like to insert an external website into the application? You can do this by creating sections with links. Ideal for direct access to live sessions.

Push notifications. Notifications are a key element to help participants navigate the app. Send messages to participants so they understand where to find information. Use these notifications as reminder for important aspects of the digital event.

In addition to these recommendations, there are other very interesting sections in Eventool that you can add to your app. You can provide all or only certain participants with documents and sources on various topics, insert links to social networks to publish the activities of the event outside the app and give participants the opportunity to evaluate the program sessions and speakers. You can also highlight sponsors.

Would you like to set up your event 100% digitally? An app can help you with this. Create a free demo version and try out the different functions.



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