Streaming sessions for virtual events

Eventool-News: More and more organizers are gathering their participants around live streaming sessions, thus celebrating what we call “virtual events” or “virtual fairs”. During this very complicated moment, technology is proving to be particularly useful for staying connected to each other and even for encouraging virtual exchanges using different tools.

Today more than ever, event apps are the essential tool for event planners. They centralize all information, allow networking and interaction between participants. All without having to leave your home. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection to enjoy a 100% online event. Easy !

Eventool offers  many features for creating an app for a virtual event and offers new as well the possibility to include  streaming sessions.

¿How does streaming work?

The current need for distance leads to an improvement in communication channels. The main goal is to ensure secure and fast access to information.

A direct streaming link can now be included in a program item.

  • The organizers of the event and / or the administrators of the app only have to insert the link to the streaming platform or the webinar in the sessions of the program.
  • There is also the possibility of associating a personalized icon with this link.
  • In the list of program sessions, those with the streaming option are highlighted.
  • Participants can open these links at any time and close them to navigate the app again.

The participants of an event can follow the presentations of the speakers live. Live broadcasts play a vital role in keeping the audience’s attention and making your events a success.

In addition, thanks to the other options included in Eventool’s event apps, organizers can categorize participants and give groups access to certain virtual sessions or videoconferences. Debates and virtual tables during which users can share different points of view and experiences can be created.

Would you like to learn more about the features of an app for your virtual event? Read more -> Link.

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