Apps for corporate events and incentive travel

Apps for corporate events and incentive travel

The origin of Eventool has always been linked to the possibility to create mobile apps for events and congresses of any kind. Within these, we can find those called incentive travel or corporate travel.

Although in principle, the same modules and functionalities already available in Eventool are used, we must highlight some aspects to have in mind:

One of them is privacy. Security and privacy of data are paramount in this sort of app that is password protected for user access. Secondly, content related to flights, accommodation, restaurants, places of interest and others, take centre stage….as well as any other key information for the assistants to plan the trip and keep up to date with planned activities.

Another key point is interactivity. Organisers can keep in touch with assistants’ mobile devices in real time, through message boards or direct notifications. Assistants can access this by filling in a registration form that also allows them to connect with other users via private chat channel.

It is worth mentioning the possibility to promote assistant participation through walls, voting and questionnaires, allowing the users to share questions and comments about the different topics.

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