Eventool, mobile application for events

Eventool, mobile application for events

We describe Eventool as the perfect platform to create mobile applications for events and congresses in a fast, simple and affordable way. There are a few valuable tools that we would like to highlight:

  • You have any section you may need ready to use, available as standard modules. Also, it is possible to include additional sections, rename and sort them as you choose inside the application.
  • Available customisation of the application design following your image and branding guidelines.
  • The content for the application is administered and updated from the administration panel.

You can access it anytime to include or change information. Also, it is possible to do automatic uploads from excel files.

  • Allows new direct contact routes with organisers and assistants. A mobile application is a powerful tool through which event organisers can send notifications or news directly to user devices, and at the same time, user can message the organisers.

  • Promotes assistants interactions through the app with functionalities like questionnaires, walls and voting. Participants can put their questions or ideas forward, and organisers obtain key information in this way.

  • Several languages available

  • A mobile app that allows users to access a specific event or congress information, at hand, anytime you need it.
  • So…could there be anything else? All at the best price!

Enter the platform and try the ‘create your app’ option. In only four steps you will be able to try the functionability of the apps, all the characteristics explained before and much more. The user manager is very thorough, intuitive….and full of possibilities!



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