New version 3.3 of our platform

New version 3.3 of our platform

We recently launched the new version 3.3 of congresoMovil / Eventool which offers several new features:

  • Changes in graphic and configuration
  • Extended registration of attendees.
  • Advanced information search engines.
  • Registrations for sessions.
  • Meeting Schedule for attendees.

The main objectives are to improve the navigation and experience of the user and cover demands for functions that are required in the event sector.

Changes in graphics and configuration
The platform offers the possibility to create each app in a unique way through its administration panel. An intuitive and versatile back office that allows you to add more than 30 different sections and manage all the information in an easy way. It includes new aesthetic options such as tabBar (navigation mode for quick access to the most important app sections), several options that can be customized through CSS code, wide range of standard and personalized icons for the different sections and much more.

Extended registration
The app allows users to log in or register directly. All fields are customizable and you can choose if they are mandatory or optional for the registration process. You can decide whether a user’s profile will be visible in the app or not. The access to the app can be open (without registration) or require registration. You can configure an ample range of parameters.

Search engines and filters
We included expanded filters in the sections including a lot of information: agenda, speakers, attendees, exhibitors or scientific communications (abstracts). It is possible to add an unlimited number of categories and colours for each one of them and set filters according to your preferred search in each section. These filters can be activated or deactivated easily.

Registration for sessions
The attendees can register for agenda sessions, activities or workshops. You can determine the sessions with registration option and configure the maximum number of attendee reservations permitted and as well the activation status. Attendees must login to be able to register for sessions. The availability of reservations is shown in the personal profile of each attendee in real time and registrations can be reviewed and edited at any time.

Meetingplanner for attendees
The attendees can send and receive requests for meetings before, during and after the event. You can determine the number of requests per assistant and the availability. All related information is available in real time in the personal profile of each attendees: pending, confirmed and rejected requests as well as the meeting plan.

If you want to try our new features or need more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.



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